02/08/2015: Moving Boats... or not.
What is the one virtue that is shared by those of us who choose to travel using the
wind as our engine? Shared by those who think it fun to surround ourselves in a world
of curved walls, travelling at a stiff walking pace in a generally soggy environment?
Poverty, you say? No quite, although not far from it. It’s patience.

I have much reason to lean on this virtue lately, while we try to move Faoin Spéir to the
water. Though Ireland is indeed an island nation, with a coastline that is never more
than 90 minutes away from even the most inland town, we might as well be in
Kansas, USA, when it comes to moving the boat.  Our plan was to be in the water on
July 22nd, and spend 5 glorious weeks living onboard, working on the boat, building
up the sailing miles and generally enjoying a taste of freedom. Alas, the transport
fairies intervened and decided that we were going to need another crane and right in
the middle of busy crane season!
Ok, so maybe I made up the crane season bit, but I’m sure you’ll forgive my land-locked
induced madness. The truth is that we have gotten loads of work done while Faoin
Spéir is still in the garden, no sailing, but the weather has not been conducive to sailing
anyway so I would say that we are further along than we would be had we moved

Aside from the moving date changing, we have had to change the destination too.
Basically we need to go to a harbour with a crane rather than hiring a mobile one to
follow us around for the day (as cool as that sounds, please note the poverty bit at the
top). After all of the delays, we have fixed a date for the truck, trailer and the big-boy
crane for 10 days time. To be honest, I feel a little easier about moving her now, having
had the extra couple of weeks of work on the dry.

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The plan for Faoin Spéir's first outing