Now I know that
fibreglass sailboat
construction only started
around the 1940's, so
clearly my find was not
dropped by some salty
soul working his passage
to the new world. But I
have found a silver dollar
coin on board, from 1900!
In the process of stripping
out the last of the wiring I
made my way to the foot
of the mast.
04/09/14: How old is the boat?
There, next to the targeted wiring loom, was an eerie grey shadow in the silicon
sealant. A quick swipe with the blade of my knife and out popped a silver dollar.
Sailors are supersticious folk, and it was no-doubt put there for luck. Personally I
haven't a supersticous bone in my body, but I'm not gonna be the one to take it from
the boat!
So the plan is to clean it up, make a nice little frame and mount it somewhere in the
saloon. In the mean time, I will do a little detective work and see if I can find out who
put it there. I wonder if it was put there on day 1, way back in 1974....