05/01/2015: It's finally 2015!
I think the rainbow over Garykennedy on my last visit of 2014 says it all. I know I should
have gotten more work done on
Faoin Spéir through the darkest winter months, but it
is an unfortunate fact that one must do things other than play with boats (at least for
the moment).
Although no restoration work was carried out, we have been busy furthering
preparations for the final departure. It would seem that in 2014 I became a freelance
writer of sorts, with my latest article appearing in the February issue of 'Yachting
Monthly' (I think it's out 8th Jan). This is a small part of the plan around generating
income while afloat.
We spent an evening with the good people of Sail Cork in December, it was a great
opportunity to examine ourselves on night navigation around a busily lit harbour. The
weather could not have been better, and Jo and Eddie are a most welcoming pair.

By far the best thing about crossing over into 2015, it that when people ask about our
departure date, now we can simply say "Next Year" :-)