06/07/2015: Panic Stations
You know how great it is to make plans, and work through them steadily, bit by bit, the
gradual realisation of a dream unveiling before your eyes? Well the past couple of
weeks have been nothing like that! All of a sudden I’ve gone from tapping a nail here
and dabbing a little fibreglass resin there to “So, the crane will be around this month,
how is access?” WHAT?! Suddenly we have only 3 weeks left to returning to water! We’
re not ready! Ok, the engine and hull are sound, so she’ll float (she will float, won’t
Ok, calm down Leonard. I love boats, I love working on them and I love bobbing about
the water being pushed along by the wind, I even love simply being around them, but I
absolutely hate moving them from land to sea! It puts years on me, even now as I
write, I’m having a minor panic attack. However, the time comes in every sailor’s life
when he has to decide to wet the boats bottom or sell up and take up knitting or
something.  I’m afraid of needles, so bottom wetting it is.
Of course moving the boat is not the only thing happening, as we’re approaching the
start of our 12 month countdown, we’re looking at filming and recording the progress
month by month until we finally move on board, so watch this space for news of the
forthcoming videos. There are also a few changes that I’d like to make to the website,
I'm trying to make it more interactive if anyone has any suggestions you can let me
know via the contact form on the home page.
In the middle of all this
action, the work continues
on the boat, power washing,
insulating, lining etc, etc.
Slow, slow work, but we’ll
have beds and some sort of
galley for the Summer. So,
those of you who have read
the Plan page, will have
noticed that the plan is a
movable feast. We have
decided not to launch the
boat 6 months ago and drop
her in Fenit, instead we  
Coming into the marina on Bere Island (by ferry)
continued working on the dry, and will berth her in Bere Island. I think with a project like
this, flexibility and patience are key to not winding up in a padded cell.

Ok, so I need to stop writing now, unfortunately updating the website won’t get the galley