No, Faoin Spéir is not in the water yet, but our Achilles 24 is still on Lough Derg for the
rare occasion that time allows some sailing. Here she is pictured in Dromane
Harbour, Co. Clare.
One of the most remarkable thing about sailing is the sailors. I don't think I have ever
met one that isn't eager to chat about that which draws us all together. I can't quite put
my finger on it, but I don't think it is the 'sailing' part that binds us. Perhaps it's just the
commonality of our trails and tribulations.
What ever it is, I cannot get enough of it. Having sailed out of Dromane, for a quick skip
to the other side of the lake into Garrykennedy, and the busiest harbour I've seen all
year. Usually I prefer a quiet mooring, but this was just what I was looking for, the
company of sailors.
14/09/2014: A weekend of sailing
And what wonderful
company was had. As
usual, I had a few jobs to
do on the boat, but I was
happy to delay those
until the next day in
exchange for a good
natter about all things
boating. If you are one of
the people that I chatted
with, then may I tip my
hat to you and wish you
fair winds...
Now for the news that has been a while coming, the Achilles is for sale, with Faoin
taking all of my spare time, she just doesn't get to stretch her legs as often as
she should, so it's time for her to bring a smile to another family. If you are interested,
please drop a line through the contact form on the
home page. Not looking for much,
but a good home would be nice :-)