16/01/2015: London Boat Show
Here we are with Dave from Elite
Sailing at the boat show. It was a
delight to meet the man behind
the voice of our distance learning
theory courses!
With all the other things going on,
we've taken a little longer than
expected to complete the
coursework, so it was a little like
visiting the headmasters office
when we made our approach. But
Dave was full of encouragement.

Our day at the boat show was the
best we've ever had, in spite of the
shortage of old boats. It's like I
always say, it's not the sailing that
makes sailing so excellent, it's the
people you meet through sailing.
And especially when working on a
project as grand as
Faoin Spéir,
the help and advice from those
more experience than us and
those who have gone and done it
before us cannot be quantified.