16/06/2015: Paint and Sunshine!
I had never before considered how closely matched farmers and sailor are, until the
weather turns fine. Getting every last drop out of the sunshine, and every last minute
of daylight I found myself washing, sanding, priming and painting this past week
while the fields around throbbed with sound of big diesel engines. Bale after bale
appeared as the fields turned from green to yellow.
The changing colours were not restricted to the fields, the hull of Faoin Spéir changed
from pinky-grey to the red of the new anti-foul and the topsides transformed from a
chalky off-white to a glossy “have to wear shades” kind of white. As many of you know,
the application of anti-foul means that Faoin Spéir will soon have a wet bottom, for the
first time in 8 or 9 years!
This raises the question, now that we’re on the brink of the next (wet) phase of the
project, where will it unfold? Clearly not at the foot of the Galtee Mountains! But where?
The search was on, as with all things related to the project, we didn’t want much, just a
miracle would do. Ideally we wanted a pontoon mooring, with electricity and water
because the water tanks and solar panels are not quite ready.
We really want it within a couple of hours
drive, preferably Cork or Kerry and near the
ocean rather than miles up a river, Oh, and
we want excellent shelter, but not a
labyrinth that’s impossible to sail in and
out of. All that and at a reasonable price,
surely not too much to ask?
This is the exciting bit, just this morning I
had a most delightful conversation by
phone with Rachel from the Lawrence
Cove Marina on Bere Island in west Cork,
it sounds like we may be closer than we
thought to finding just the right spot. Soooo
looking forward to calling down to visit with
them and chat about our needs. The killer
is that non-boat work has intervened and
for the next week all things marine will
have to take a back seat, but the end of
next week will see us on another road trip
to the Beara peninsula. Let’s hope it as
fruitful as our last trip down that direction
when we returned with our Mirror dinghy.
For now, watch this space….