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After a very long summer, with beautiful weather lasting right up to October, the rains
finally came, and with them the drip-drip of water in a partially restored boat. Work had
to stop on all other areas and focus on keeping the interior dry. I know boats that cross
oceans have to be able to withstand some water, but I've not yet completed the interior
woodwork, and so must of the wood is untreated.

Most of the Deck fittings are watertight, in fact there is only one bolt letting water in,
other than those removed during the refit. But my main problem is that there was no
hatch in the companion-way, and with the doghouse off, this was a problem.
22/10/2014: Getting out of the rain
I decided to hang 2 hinged doors, with a polycarb insert rather than glass.
Above are the doors fitted and awaiting the oil. Below, already for oil, and as I write
this they are glazed, but I've not taken a photo because it hasn't stopped raining...
I know that 2 doors rather than 1
creates more scope for water
ingress, but 1 door just seemed so
damn big! I allowed a lip 40mm
high to overlap with the top hatch
that closes down from above. This
allows water to run off and also
locks the 2 doors shut providing a
bit more security. Although I worry
more about the water than security