30/08/2014 Random Additions

Today I was fitting some joists to the
sole of the saloon near the engine and
finally succumbed to the desire to
remove the pieces of wood hanging
over the engine, supporting the fuel
filters etc.
It seems common in all boat that have
been around for a while, that they gather
random pieces of wood about the boat.
I imagine these errant pieces are the
result of needing to mount or hold or fix
something and using the nearest piece
of scrap wood and a couple of screws
to sort it
temporarily, and to come back
to it when you have time. But, why would
you come back to it when it is no longer
causing a problem?
The next thing that needs seeing to in the same area then has another random piece
screwed into the first, and so on until the comes when the boat receives a major
overhaul and all the random pieces are removed so that the process can start all over