Anyone who has ever
restored anything in the past
will get this post. They rest of
you may think that it's just a
little sad.
While working on
de-cluttering the engine room
of the
Faoin Spéir, I was
removing odd pieces of
wood, the sort that I referred
to in yesterday's post when I
noticed a price tag on a piece
of 2x1 pine and that made me
reach for the camera.
31/08/2014: Price Tag.
One of the things that I love about restoring old boats is encountering the simple
everyday history in it. I knew that she had been built in the U.S. and I know much about
the journey that brought her to Ireland, but here is a very real and tangable reminder of
that story. I googled "McLendon" hardware, and sure enough I found that they are a
chain of hardware stores in Washington state where
Faoin Spéir was registered as
Pendragon, and before that as Vela Alta. It's tell tales like this that are as good as any
passport stamp, they state in a subtle way "I was here".