The Plan
It has occurred to me that we have not really looked at the over-all Faoin Spéir project,
so here is a rough outline of what we are up to. I guess we need 3 things to make it
work; a boat, sailing skills, and income:

A Boat.
We had not planned to find a boat suitable for use as a live aboard blue water cruiser
until the summer of 2015, but we were keeping an eye out for a possible project boat
within our budget (next to nothing). Clearly, we did indeed find a boat, and it has
hastened the whole project.
The plan, as it stands, is to sell our Achilles 24 and have
Faoin Spéir moved to the
water and re floated by Christmas. Then continue the restoration on the water before
a 4-6 week shakedown cruise next summer. This will allow us to test all of the boat
systems (water, electricity production etc). At that stage we can take the winter/spring
of 2015/16 to make any final changes before setting off in the summer of 2016.

Sailing Skills.
Are we ready to sail across great oceans? No, not just yet, but this is all part of the
plan. Building experience week by week, I gave up bring the outboard engine with me
when I take the Achilles out so that I have no choice but to solve the little sailing
puzzles that crop up without resorting to the iron sail.
We are both studying, I the RYA Yachtmaster shore based course and Mary the Day
skipper. It's hard to find time, but we'll get there. Of course the shakedown cruise is
not only for the boat, it'll be a good opportunity to test our skills, and work on those
that prove lacking.

Ah yes, if there is one question that stands out above all the rest in popularity stakes,
it's this: "How will you survive"?. And by survive, people don't mean in storms etc, they
mean financially. Well, living on a boat, without a car, water rates, electricity bills etc.,
means that the required income is not so high and with modern technology there are
many ways of generating a modest income remotely. For the moment, all I can say is
'watch this space'.....
It's time for the Achilles 24 to go to a
new home, if you're interested , get in
touch via the form on the
Home page.